Friday, 24 December 2010

archuleta mesa

dulce base - the central hub

-1st level - contains the garage for street maintenance.

-2nd level- contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and ufo maintenance.

-3rd level - the first 3 levels contain government offices.

-4th level - human aura research as well as aspects of dream manipulation, hypnosis, and telepathy. they can lower your heartbeat with delta waves and introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind (for those implanted with brain chips). most people already are, they just don't know it.

-5th level - witnesses have described huge vats with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside. Rows and rows of cages holding men, women and children to be used as food. perhaps thousands.

-6th Level - privately called "nightmare hall." it contains the genetic labs. here are where the crossbreeding experiments of human/animal are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. there are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages and vats of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7 feet tall.

-7th level - row after row of 1,000s of humans in cold storage including children.

experimental jet set

Thursday, 23 December 2010

murphysboro, illinois


hello, my name is sean. most commonly, the man is described as being flayed beyond recognition by the tailypo. in less violent versions, the beast is simply said to attack the man with such force that when the sun rises, all that remains of the cabin is the chimney. either way, it is understood that the tailypo has exacted revenge for the loss of its tail. supposedly, during the darkest of nights, the creature can be heard whispering for its "tailypo." in some versions, the man's dogs are named (in order of disappearance) youknow, iknow, and conticocalico.

love buzz sting index

# 1.0 Sweat bee: Light, ephemeral, almost fruity. A tiny spark has singed a single hair on your arm.
# 1.2 Fire ant: Sharp, sudden, mildly alarming. Like walking across a shag carpet & reaching for the light switch.
# 1.8 Bullhorn acacia ant: A rare, piercing, elevated sort of pain. Someone has fired a staple into your cheek.
# 2.0 Bald-faced hornet: Rich, hearty, slightly crunchy. Similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door.
# 2.0 Yellowjacket: Hot and smoky, almost irreverent. Imagine W. C. Fields extinguishing a cigar on your tongue.
# 2.x Honey bee and European hornet: Like a matchhead that flips off and burns on your skin.
# 3.0 Red harvester ant: Bold and unrelenting. Somebody is using a drill to excavate your ingrown toenail.
# 3.0 Paper wasp: Caustic & burning. Distinctly bitter aftertaste. Like spilling a beaker of hydrochloric acid on a paper cut.
# 4.0 Pepsis wasp: Blinding, fierce, shockingly electric. A running hair drier has been dropped into your bubble bath.
# 4.0+ Bullet ant: Pure, intense, brilliant pain. Like fire-walking over flaming charcoal with a 3-inch rusty nail in your heel.